Incumbent Waxahachie ISD Board Trustee Floyd Bates has announced his campaign for re-election.

“It has been a pleasure serving as a Waxahachie School Board Trustee for the past six years,” Bates said in his announcement. “To those of you who might not know me, I have lived in Waxahachie for approximately 30 years and met the love of my life, Eldonna, 25 years ago, who taught as a kindergarten teacher in the WISD for 15 years with a master’s degree in education. She has been of great assistance to me in understanding the educational process and the role the classroom plays in the development of a child.”

Bates and his wife have raised five children with three of them being in the Waxahachie school district from first through 12th grade.

“Believe me, that experience has given me a great deal of insight into our public schools,” Bates added. “This, along with my business experience, has helped guide me in making many decisions for our kids and the taxpayers of our community, and, therefore, compels me to run for re-election.”

Bates said he is looking forward to finishing the job the board started when it passed the largest bond initiative ever in the history of WISD.

“Strong, experienced leadership is critical for the next three years, especially with Mrs. Evelyn Coleman electing not to re-run for the board – it leaves us with a huge hole to fill,” Bates said.

During his tenure, Bates said he has been able to assist in getting several good things for the kids and the taxpayers completed, including:

1. Defeated the mandate for school uniforms.

2. Pushed for more vendor accountability.

3. Encouraged less testing and more teaching for our kids.

4. Voted for and supported an increase in teacher salaries for the last three and a half years.

5. Instrumental in lowering the weighted test grading by 10 percent to provide our students a more level playing field.

6. Proposed to help implement the construction of a state-of-the-art, agricultural facility.

7. Supported and encouraged increased tutoring hours for our kids.

8. Strongly advocated for college preparation.

9. Supported increased security at every campus.

“Even though there have been many gains, there is still much work to be done,” Bates stated. “I clearly understand the responsibility of a trustee and the importance of ‘standing in the gap’ for our kids and taxpayers.

“I further believe the board should take an active part in not only approving the budget, but to continually ask questions on how the money is being spent, what the end result will accomplish, and is it in the best interest of our children, along with communicating the board’s expectations to the superintendent and setting the tax rate,” he stated. “It is also important for the board to listen to the administrators, teachers, and parents, alike, with the ultimate goal of providing our kids with the best possible education. It is my firm belief that the Board should be the voice of the people. I look forward to your vote May 7.”