INTEGRITY —It’s sadly missing today.


People feel they can’t trust anyone anymore.

Business leaders can’t trust their employees. Employees can’t trust their leaders.

Some well-known church leaders have failed miserably in their integrity.

Political candidates talk, but do their lives match their talk?

Integrity is hard to find because it’s so easy to compromise. We compromise integrity by:

LYING, saying something is true when we know it isn’t.

LUSTING, inappropriate sexual thoughts.

LOITERING, hanging out with the wrong crowd.

LOOTING, taking something that isn’t ours.

Daniel, (a man in the Bible) is a great model of integrity. He had a fabulous work ethic, both in his performance and perspective. No wonder the Persian king promoted him to the top position over the whole kingdom. Then the plot thickens.

As long as Daniel did his job, everything was fine. Instead, he excelled above the others, and things changed — dramatically. Chapter 6:4-6 tell us the managers under Daniel and the two vice presidents, formed an investigation committee to find some hidden dirt in Daniel’s life. They stalked him, talked about him to others, gained access into his computer to check his files, went through his desk, checked out his closets, unlocked his iPhone, and who knows what else.

They found NOTHING! ZERO! NADA — no hanky-panky, no secret funds, no fraud, no hushed cover ups, no corruption, no scandal in the making, no goofing off on company time. Daniel met his deadlines on time. He left work when he should not when he felt like it. He didn’t make it a habit to take extended lunches on company time. The guy was squeaky clean which reveals the second quality of integrity — A Blameless Character.

How’s your personal character?

Are you reliable? Negligent? Getting by with things you shouldn’t?

Do you keep your promises to your kids?

Are you truthful when your spouse asks about your spending, your time?

Do you answer emails, texts, return calls when you say you will?

Are you careful where you go, who you are with?

One day a pastor got on a bus and paid the fare. The driver gave him change, but it was too much. That Sunday the pastor had preached on honesty, so he took the money back to the drive and said, “You gave me too much change when I got on the bus.” The driver said, “I know. I did it on purpose. I visited your church yesterday and wanted to see if you really lived what you preached.”



Fred Campbell is the President of Living Grace Ministries and the former pastor of Grace Church of Ovilla. He can be reached at OR