MESQUITE, Texas — Students from the Career & Technical Student Organization, TSA, represented the WISD at the TSA Regional Contest Feb. 25 and 26 in Mesquite.

TSA, Technology Student Association, serves students enrolled in CTE courses aligned with these six career clusters: Arts, Audio-Video Technology and Communication; Architecture and Construction; Business, Management and Administration; Information Technology; Manufacturing; and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Participants enjoy the experience of applying classroom and laboratory lessons in hands on activities or competitive events.

National Qualifying Event (NQE) participants have the potential to win at state and advance to nationals this summer in Nashville, Tennessee. WHS TSA entered students in 20 of the 35 available NQE events and advanced to the state level in 14 of the 20 events entered. Global High School also entered 20 NQE events and 12 teams advanced.

WHS National Qualifying Events Advancing to State:

• 1st Place Engineering Design – Team of Cameron Weldon and Chris Williams

• 1st Place Structural Design and Engineering – WHS Team 1: Adam Bruce and Thomas Caliendo

• 1st Place Technical Sketching and Application – Chase Lowe

• 1st Place Video Game Design – WHS Team 1: Nour Muwaquet and Kenedy Mills

• 2nd Place Children’s Story – WHS Team 1: Billy Lu, Daniel Lu and Dylan Hernandez

• 2nd Place Desktop Publishing – David Siple

• 2nd Place On-Demand Video – WHS Team 1: Kennedy Mills, Cameron Brucks, Noah Rojas, Adam Sigala, Noah Williams, David Siple and Caleb Hernandez

• 3rd Place Animatronics – WHS Team 1: Victoria Smith, David Gordon, Leo Criss, Riley Fenton and Corey Wingo

• 3rd Place Career Preparation – Mellina Zavala

• 3rd Place Dragster Design – Roger Cloud

• 3rd Place Essays on Technology – Amanda Biles

• 3rd Place Future Tech Teacher – Thomas Caliendo

• 3rd Place Manufacturing Prototype – WHS Cameron Weldon, Josh Duarte and Thomas Caliendo

• 3rd Place Prepared Presentation – Dylan Lovett

• 4th Place Dragster Design – Brandon Snowden


Global National Qualifying Events Advancing to State:

• Chapter Team – 3rd place - Christopher Klinck, Holden Ivy, Kyle Wickens, Brittany Bates, Jenna Nguyen, Isabelle Trevino

• Children’s Story – 1st place – Elizabeth Minger, Nadia Hensley, Jessica Cross

• Digital Video Production – 1st – Christopher Klinck, Holden Ivy, Kyle Wickens

• Manufacturing Prototype – 1st – Samantha Trevino, Luke Stanton

• Music Production – 3rd – Schylar Sanford, Xavier Goforth, Hannah Thedford, Spencer Milner

• On Demand Video – 3rd – Christopher Klinck, Holden Ivy, Kyle Wickens

• Photographic Technology – 3rd – Jessica Cross

• Promotional Graphics – 1st – Jenna Nguyen

• Software Development – 2nd – Levi Villarreal

• Structural Design and Engineering – 3rd – Luke Stanton, Levi Villarreal

• Technology Bowl – 2nd – Christopher Klinck, Holden Ivy, Kyle Wickens

• Webmaster – 1st – Levi Villarreal, Christopher Klinck, Nick Dalquest, Chiadika Obinwa, Rachel Ussery


These WHS TSA students will advance to state competition in the following Unique-to-Texas events:


WHS Unique to Texas State Events:

• Graphic Solutions – Amanda Biles, Itzayana Cardenas, Joshua Duarte, Dylan Hernandez, Raymond Kennedy, Dylan Lovett, Chase Lowe, Daniel Lu, Victoria Smith, Chris Williams and Mellina Zavala

• High School Written Exam – Erick Alanis, Dylan Lovett, and Adam Sigala

• 2D Animation – David Siple (15 seconds)-4th Place and Caleb Barnett (30 seconds)-3rd Place

• CNC/CAM-3D Printer/Rapid Prototype – Joshua Duarte-1st Place, Raymond Kennedy-2nd Place, Victoria Smith-3rd Place, Erick Perez and Cole Seevers

• CNC/CAM-Vinyl Cutter – Michael Barron-2nd Place, I’Layah Willis-2nd Place, Joseph Ortega-5th Place

These students have set a record for the number of WHS students qualifying to compete at the TSA State Contest in one year.


Students also represented WHS TSA in these events:

• Animatronics – WHS Team 2: Jesus Robles, Ryan Williams, Spencer Johnson, Brendan Eaglen, and Corey Wingo-5th Place

• CAD 3D Engineering – Jasmyn Ayub, Joshua Duarte, Raymond Kennedy-10th Place, and Chase Lowe

• Career Preparation – I’Layah Willis-4th Place

• Children’s Story –WHS Team 2: Abby Zavala, Jesus Rivera and I’layah Willis-10th Place

• Dragster Design – Bonham Burks-7th Place, Dylan Lovett-8th Place, Luke Thomison-9th Place, Jovanny Mijares and Tatianna Reeder-Sanchez

• Debating Technological Issues – WHS Team 1: Talmage Smith and Luke Smolka-5th Place

• Digital Video Production - WHS Team 1: David Siple, Cameron Brucks, Noah Rojas and Noah Williams-4th Place, WHS Team 2: Adam Sigala and Caleb Hernandez-5th Place

• Essays on Technology – Itzayana Cardenas-6th Place, Mellina Zavala-7th Place

• Extemporaneous Speech – Mellina Zavala-7th Place and Itzayana Cardena-10th Place

• Structural Design and Engineering - WHS Team 2: Cameron Weldon and Chris Williams-5th Place; WHS Team 3: Erick Alanis and Joshua Duarte-4th Place

• Technical Sketching and Application –Raymond Kennedy-4th Place

• Technology Bowl – WHS Team 1: Dylan Hernandez, Billy Lu, Daniel Lu; WHS Team 2: Cameron Weldon, Mellina Zavala, Victoria Smith – 4th Place

• Technology Problem-Solving – WHS Team 1: Cameron Weldon and Adam Bruce, WHS Team 2: Mellina Zavala and Itzayana Cardenas, Team 3: Joshua Duarte and Erik Alanis-5th Place


Students also represented Global High TSA in the following events:

• Children’s Story Book - 4th – Xavier Goforth, Jenna Nguyen, Samantha Trevino, Brittany Bates. 6th – Arsh Dehgan, Danniel Holbrook, Alexa Vitovsky

• Debating Technological Issues – 6th – Hayden Johnson, Luke Stanton. 8th – Christopher Klinck, Kyle Wickens

• Extemporaneous Speech – 6th – Jane Cloud

• Photographic Technology – Citlalli Bailon, Grant Waldeck

• Promotional Graphics – 3rd – Taneasha Williams

• Technology Bowl -- (Team 2) Devin Merrell, Arsh Dehgan, Danielle Holbrook. (Team 3) Luke Stanton, Levi Villarreal, Isabell Trevino

• Problem Solving – (Team 1) Brittany Bates, Jenna Nguyen; (Team 2) Levi Villarreal, Samantha Trevino

• Video Game – Nadir Garcia, Devin Merrell, David Shnowski

Students qualifying for TSA State Contest travel to Waco, Texas on April 14-16, to test their skills against competitors from across the state. WISD proudly supports these Career and Technical Education students, teachers and organizations.