Baylor Scott & White joins March for Meals campaign

When Waxahachie resident Laverne Walker opened the door of her home Wednesday morning, you knew right away you were welcome, even in the rainy weather. On the other side of the door, Baylor Scott & White President Chris York had a warm meal and broad smile.

Those two simple things are at the core of what Meals-on-Wheels provides to the 560 individuals in the Johnson and Ellis County area.

York took his morning to work one of the routes for the Meals-on-Wheels program in Waxahachie, making several stops across the community to bring lunch and joy to those unable to get out.

“Being able to partner with organizations like Meals-on-Wheels is a fantastic opportunity,” said York. “When you think about malnourishment as a mechanism toward people having some type of illness, it’s a great opportunity to both prevent someone from having to go to the hospital, and at the same time, helping them keep their independence.”

This month, more than 5,000 Meals-on-Wheels organizations across the country are working to increase awareness of the program by enlisting local civic leaders to participate in the March for Meals program, delivering meals to program clients and raising awareness about the program.

“I can’t begin to tell you how important, and how needed this program is,” said Walker. “I pray for you in this weather and love you.”

As Walker chatted with York about the new hospital, her outgoing personality echoed one of the benefits provided through the Meals-on-Wheels program.

“Interaction with others is key to good health, and having these visits may help alleviate or certainly reduce the symptoms of depression just by having a simple conversation or being able to provide an encouraging word,” said York. “And frankly, it can be as simple as just listening. It’s been my experience that just listening can be one of the best therapeutic tools around.”

As her guests left, Walker gave another round of hugs for everyone. Vinsen Faris, Executive Director of the Meals-on-Wheels of Johnson and Ellis County, may have summed up the return one gets as a volunteer for Meals-n-Wheels.

“You have made our day today,” Faris told Walker. “Thank you for having us. We are truly blessed.”