To the Editor,

I am the initiator of a state-wide drive in Texas to end time changes. I have a page on Facebook called Texas Daylight Saving Time: End Time Changes; we have over 13,600 LIKES. It is at .

It is our goal to work together to end Daylight Saving Time. Spring Forward is associated with:

• a higher percent of heart attacks. I think it is the government imposed ‘’jet lag.’’

• a higher percent of traffic accidents. Individuals are sleep deprived from that one hour and are not alert and/or fall asleep at the wheel.

• a higher percent of suicides. Sleep deprivation increases depression problems.

• a higher percent of on the job accidents. Individuals aren’t fully awake or aren’t thinking properly.

• teachers trying to teach to sleep deprived “zombie-like” students.

• too many bus students standing by streets and roadway in the darkness waiting for the bus, at risk of being hit by a vehicle or assaulted.

• frustrated pet owners because pets do not spring forward.

• and more.

If you are interested in helping Texas opt out of DST, please:

1) LIKE our page and join the campaign

2) Write to your Texas State Representative and Texas State Senator and ask them to support any legislation to end Daylight Saving Time.

3) Consider holding a rally in your area. Schedule at a restaurant with a meeting room (preferably at no charge.) Book it for March 13 - April 2; you can have one in the morning or one in the evening or both — whatever you have time for. Publicize in the newspaper and on tv in the calendar. Post flyers at the library, USPO, etc. Invite your Texas State Representative, Texas State Senator, and their staff. Contact me that you will host the event.

Let’s get this done.

Martha S. Habluetzel,

Ingleside, Texas