To the Editor,

We can all thank the all mighty that there will not be another Bush in the White House. America has spoken and we have said not another Bush and not another disaster. There are two others that are just as bad if not worse than Bush, that is Cruz and Rubio. Cruz is a liar and power hungry maniac where Rubio is just plain crazy. You readers need to realize these two candidates are in debt to huge corporations that will be wanting something in return. These two have already sold their souls to the Satan. The programs these two idiots propose to eliminate will have devastation consequences on most Americans. You cant eliminate programs that help the handicap, disabled veterans, elderly, women and children. Should one of these two nuts get elected more people will suffer than does now.

Our education level will fall, children in need will suffer from lack of health care and nutritious food. All these two care about is themselves and how much money they are going to make from being a paid stooge for the wealthy corporations. You can’t keep taking from the poor and giving to the rich. History has shown that when people get pushed into a corner they will fight, even to the death. Civil unrest is not to far away in this country. When your children are ill and starving you will fight, regardless of who gets in your way.

No candidate of either party has the right to judge any of us or look down their pointed nose at us. Look back at history and remember the troubles associated with the incompetence and lack of leadership of the Republican Party. Under the leadership of Republicans hundreds of banks failed, thousands lost their life’s savings, our country was attacked by foreign terrorist all because of incompetence in leadership. According to national research most rich crooks are Republicans and most high dollar repositions are from Republicans who fail to pay their bills. Doesn’t that sound like the House of Representatives not wanting to pay the bills except to the corporations of the military industrial complex. Oh by the way, Trump isn’t any better, either. You Republicans have a real cesspool of candidates to choose from, candidates that supports bigotry, hypocrisy, racism, oppression, tyranny, extortion and of course the main driving factor of the Republican Party is greed.

Mark Crocker,