Students and faculty in Waxahachie ISD join others across the nation during the month of February to celebrate national Career and Technical Education (CTE) Awareness Month. This year’s theme is Opportunities for Career Success.

CTE Month allows CTE programs across the country to demonstrate how CTE makes students college- and career-ready, preparing them for high-wage, high-demand careers.

“CTE offers students the opportunity to explore career pathways, develop professional and technical skills, engage in meaningful leadership opportunities and establish life-long goals,” said Mark Bosher, WISD CTE Director.

CTE also directly impacts the local community.

“It provides Waxahachie with a career aware, goal oriented graduate who understands the importance of the lifelong development of technical and professional skills,” said Bosher.

Graduates like these go on to create respectable employees within the community, which helps grow our local economy.

Career and Technical Education encompasses 94 percent of high school students and 13 million postsecondary students in the United States.

CTE is a major part of the solution to a myriad of national economic and workforce problems, such as high school dropout rates, a weakened economy, global competitiveness and massive layoffs. At a time when opportunity for employment is so critical, CTE programs in the WISD community are ensuring students are equipped with the skills to successfully enter the workforce.

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Waxahachie ISD CTE offers a comprehensive Career Tech Education program for Waxahachie ISD and Area students. You can find more information by visiting our website at: or on Facebook: Waxahachie ISD CTE and on Twitter @WISD_CTE.