PALMER – A no action vote was unanimously approved over a plat request to combine three lots into one located at the intersection of Paris Street and Interstate 45 Business.

A request to combine three lots into one at the intersection was made by Ray Graham at Tuesday’s city council meeting. Graham has proposed to the city to build two triplex housing facilities on the lot.

Speaking during the public hearing portion of the meeting about the request were residents William Pakula and Sherri Shguit.

“The infrastructure would not support six additional families. The streets are too narrow, two cars cannot pass and the drainage is horrible. When it rains, we have standing water for days,” Pakula said.

Pakula also expressed concerns the site plan that Graham submitted only had available parking for the residents.

“There is no room for parking except in the street that is too narrow,” Pakula said.

“It is the city’s responsibility to fix the drainage and widen the street if they are less than the required minimum width,” City Administrator Doug Young said in response.

Graham told the council that he was getting a drainage plan and that it would be submitted to the city.

“I will be elevating the foundations at least 2 feet and I will fix the drainage on my lot,” Graham said.

City Secretary Alicia Baren reminded the council members this action was only to approve the replat, not approve any plans.

Acting Mayor Lance Anglin told the council that he was not ready to approve the replat or associated zoning change.

The council unanimously approved to table Graham’s request as well as a rezoning request to allow the multi- family dwellings in the single-family residential area.

A feasibility study for a regional wastewater treatment plant was unanimously approved. Introducing the $5,000 request, Young told council members the cities of Waxahachie, Ennis, Garrett and Alma were being studied for a regional wastewater processing plant.

“The study is just to look at the feasibility of the regional plant,” Young said.

Anglin told the council whether the city created a line to a new plant in Garrett or North toward Ferris, the city would be pumping water through several lift stations.

Young’s request was approved with the provision that the city would spend no more that $5,000.

The council voted unanimously to approve to appointment of Casey Clardo to fill the unexpired term of former councilman Jeff Vick. Clardo’s term will expire in May 2017, when he will be up for election.

Vick’s became ineligible remain on the council when he moved outside of Palmer.

A motion to call a general election of the council for May 7 was also unanimously approved. Council members Anglin, Jeffery Greenlee and Wallace Hughey are up for re-election.