To the Editor,

I am the campaign treasurer for the Brown campaign and I am pleased to write this letter of endorsement for the incumbent sheriff.

I am a local business owner and have known Johnny for many years and know his level of conviction for helping those in need and particularly the citizens of this county and have no doubt his re-installment will continue to provide the highest level of protection and service to residents of this county.

Sheriff Brown continues to provide consistent leadership and maintains an effective rapport with his deputies and command staff for what has been the better part of eight years. His knowledge of law enforcement issues both administratively and practically are quite evident based on the level of professionalism demonstrated by the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department staff and deputies. The sheriff’s office is also exceedingly more organized and more efficiently budgeted since the advent of Sheriff Brown’s administration. This sheriff and his staff continue to reach out to the community with new and fresh ideas for community service and involvement. Some of these programs include a nationally recognized Explorer Post, a Sheriff’s Posse, Crime Stoppers Program and an enhanced reserve deputy program among others. I have been an observer of this metamorphosis as I served as the first treasurer for the Brown campaign and have been a resident of Ellis county since 1994.

It is my distinct pleasure to make these observations and write this letter on behalf of Johnny Brown. Please join me in supporting the re-election of Sheriff Brown.

Matt Nolen,