To the Editor,

The Republican Party has once again shown their blatant disregard for the Constitution of the United States, the very same one they pretend to care so much about. They are once again trying to lie, bully, cheat, and manipulate their way into the White House for control of America. Should they succeed many Americans will surely suffer and have very little chance for a decent healthy life. The really scary part of listening to the Republican and TEA Party candidates is their disturbing rambling of how God spoke to them and told them that they should be president. That sounds like classic mental illness.

This type of egomania and God complex is some of the most dangerous mental delusions any candidate can suffer from. The Republicans have in the past purposely and with malice obstructed the Constitutional rights of many Americans, even though they still deny doing so. They have taken many actions in certain states in America to prevent many citizens from being able to cast a constitutional allowed vote. In doing so they are in violation of the 15th Amendment to the Constitution.

Currently the Republican Party is trying to obstruct justice by trying to prevent the lawfully and legally elected President of America from completing his duty and right to fill the vacated seat in the Supreme Court. Where is their so-called respect for the Constitution now.

Mark Crocker,