To the Editor,

As you probably are aware, Ronald Levingston is running for Ellis County Commissioner for Precinct 1. As the election draws nearer, I am encouraging people to take a closer look at Mr. Levingston and why he is the best choice for this important position.

I have known Ronald Levingston since he was born in Waxahachie (Ellis County), Texas. During that period I have witnessed him grow from an exceptional, well-mannered, hardworking boy to an outstanding, conscientious man with impeccable character. I have observed him as he worked tirelessly at our church, in the community, and with his own family. Mr. Levingston is a dynamic and powerful communicator who possesses the gift of being able to make complex subjects understandable. He was an exceptional school teacher. Now, he is an outstanding Assistant Principal. His positive influence can be felt throughout our county. In spite of his formidable gifts and accomplishments, he remains humble and accessible to all who seek his help. Accordingly, I am writing this letter because it is my opinion that Ronald Levingston would make the perfect Ellis County Commissioner for Precinct 1.

Thank you for sharing my thoughts with other voters. I hope the citizens of Ellis County’s Precinct 1 will join me in backing Ronald Levingston for Ellis County Commissioner!

Charles (Tiny) Price,