To the Editor,

As a candidate for Ellis County Commissioner, Precinct 1 who spoke at the GOP forum last week, I wanted to offer my thoughts about the event. While I appreciate having the opportunity to talk about my qualifications, positions and priorities, I felt some questions were not especially relevant to the duties of a county commissioner and the answers were mostly the same.

I believe voters who want more information won’t learn much about other candidates from a yard sign or even a Google search. However, my record of service and accomplishments, specific priorities for the county, and proposed solutions are available on my website ( and Linkedin profile. I believe this goes well beyond just a general claim that I have good experience I will use if elected.

There is a saying that “everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts” and I feel it is crucial to use the latest, most accurate information when looking at the county budget. I have heard others use a number of $54 million for the current budget, well below the actual level of $57.7 million. And, at the forum, there was a claim the county’s adopted tax rate is $0.375 and it can simply be lowered. County records, and our property tax bills, show the current adopted rate is actually $0.413599 (about $0.32 for operations, $0.03 for road maintenance and $0.06 for debt service). I would work to decrease the tax rate, if possible, but feel it is important to start with the right numbers.

With the primary election upon us, I encourage voters to look for candidates with verifiable leadership experience who offer solutions based on current facts and figures and that fall within the duties of the office they are seeking.

David Pagan,

GOP candidate

Ellis County Commissioner, Precinct 1