To the Editor,

To me the commissioners race is all about who is best for Ellis County. On Sunday Mr. Wegsched wrote in favor of Paul Perry and about their experiences as special commissioners. I have no doubt that both sides were heard equally without prejudice. I do disagree it is hard to find honest people to do the same. There are many kinds of faith one of mine is there are plenty of good, honest and capable people, with work ethic, and with integrity around. I trust this was a paid position as I do not see Paul as charitable person. In this campaign he joined or contributed with CAMPAIGN FUNDS to both Waxahachie and Midlothian Chambers, CASA of Ellis County, Waxahachie YMCA Karate Team, Right to Life, and Waxahachie YMCA to name a few. These were for his campaign and promotion only. If you care to look you will see much of his campaign money comes from out of town and other politicians?

While you say we cannot afford to lose Perry many of us say we cannot afford to keep him. Think about if our cities cut road maintenance by half for four years. Not a pretty thought is it? Now think about if it was for eight years. Ugly? What if the state did the same? I keep seeing Perry supporters say roads are great and improved. We are a fast growing county. This is impossible and not true. You cannot maintain the same conditions even spending the same amount of money let alone half. Sticking your head in the sand will not turn the growth go away! The roads only wear out faster. In perspective Pct. 1 spent 70 percent of his budget, Pct. 2 again 70 percent, and Pct. 4 spent 85 percent, giving his constituents a lot for their dollar. Perry spent just less than half (48 percent) in Pct. 3 and it shows. This is not common sense. I am truly a conservative and I believe the other three commissioners are also! Perry ,well? Look under the mask and you will find a man without a good work ethic and a Liberty Movement extremist?

Mr. Wegsched since you were basing our count’s future on Perry’s past let me mention this. Yes Perry gave the mediation his best. A fair days’ pay for a fair days work. Did you know Mr. Perry when he was JP in your area? He seriously abused the taxpayer those years. He had a poor ethic. He didn’t care about the inconveniences his absences caused. I hope some of the local law enforcement from that era share their experiences as those are some good people with integrity. The taxpayers are being abused again. It appears in Pct.3 that our road funds are held hostage to poor work ethic and the Liberty Movement. I think he intentionally not spent to make a political statement.

I get a lot of good comments on my letters and one commented, “You must be getting pleasure from exposing this stuff.” Actually it falls in new territory of things I hate to do. I am usually 180 from this. Some paint a picture of Perry the Captain America. That must be the other Paul D. Perry. Ellis County Commissioners Court is no place for big politics or politics at all. Precinct 3 should not be used as someone’s toy and political stage.

Your votes make a difference!

Go vote for Frank Sanchez!

Bill Kinsala

Pct3 Ellis County