To the Editor,

Regarding Donald Trump...

You don’t have to love him, but at least Trump is open and says what he really thinks. Yes, at times he is a moron and crude, rude and socially unattractive, but he makes more sense than most candidates. In addition, he doesn’t have to answer to the special interests running Washington. He can pay his own way into the Presidency. Look, we have had politically correct prima-donnas in the White House and running for office. We have had gentlemen and ladies running as well. We are in the worst state of affairs as a nation and none of the previous individuals have done much to change it.

I am willing to give Trump the chance to try what no one else has tried to do. Apparently, many American voters feel the same way. True, money didn’t buy Trump any class... I agree ... so what?

Peter Stern,

Driftwood, Texas