To the Editor,

I have compelled to compose this letter after being awakend by a terrifying nightmare about Ted Cruz becoming president of the United States. In this visionary nightmare I saw scenes of devastation of biblical nature. I saw the collapse of Wall Street, the federal government and turmoil all across America, even gasoline was $8 a gallon if you could even get any. Millions out of work, millions dying from starvation and diseases from lack of health care. It was like a scene from a horrifying apocalyptic movie showing famine and pestilence all across America. There were thousands of dead bodies lying everywhere from fighting between the military and anti Cruz freedom fighters. There were no state or federal services except for that of the military after Cruz declared marshal law across America. Visions of Cruz shutting down Congress and all banking facilities all across the United States. Visions of Cruz shutting down Congress and burning the Declaration of Independence and telling members of Congress that if they opposed him that they would imprisoned for treason against him and the new country he was creating. In addition Cruz took charge of all television and radio broadcast so Americans wouldn’t find out the truth about him and the lies he was telling. Many attempts were made to oust Cruz only to end in death and disaster for those who tried to stop his reign of terror. In the dream I was able to see through the phony bologna evangelical holy person disguise he was wearing and see him for the maniacal power hungry monster that he really is. The final scene of this nightmare showed Cruz standing on top of the U.S. Treasury with his hands on his hips laughing like Satan with a mushroom cloud rising up behind him saying to Americans repeatedly I FOOLED ALL OF YOU. I woke up and realized it was only and thanked God for that. I hope for all that this was not a prophetic dream of things to come. As for me I can only say it scared the H_ _ _ out of me.

Mark Crocker,