To the Editor,

Most of us are familiar with the long-established axiom, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If we are in agreement, let’s apply same to the upcoming Republican Primary Election…especially in local races.

For instance, many of us know the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t need fixing. As is always the case, good, strong leadership in any arena always has its critics, usually more in nitpicking areas than on genuine bedrock issues. And, as has traditionally been the case, the relationship between the sheriff’s department and the commissioner’s court has had its ups and downs. This is normal and we should probably worry a little if it’s any other way.

Another thing, all government work, especially in top echelon positions has been upgraded here in recent decades, bringing with the upgrade, significant monetary and prestige enhancements. Reasons for competition in this election season? You’d better believe it, in the race for sheriff AND over in the commissioners court. We’re definitely seeing it in this primary election season in both of those governmental entities.

Let’s take a look. In the election for Commissioner, Precinct 1, the current occupant is stepping down, so you would expect someone to step up and run. Hey, we got what, a gondola load of candidates over there in that race? Well, I called this incidence years ago when the court gave itself a sizeable raise in salary. Yours truly predicted how some of the then-court members voting for the measure would soon be seeking employment elsewhere. A number of new faces are now seen in the commissioner’s court since then...

But, down in Commissioner Precinct 3, the current commissioner is not stepping down, not voluntary anyway. In my opinion, that commissioner is the foremost conservative on the court, so why go after him? Is it because of prestige or for monetary motives, or is it for some other reason? At any rate, why try to unseat the court’s most conservative member? A good question, wouldn’t one think?

In my opinion, questions arise as to whether the relationship between the court and sheriff’s department might not enter into all of these races somewhere. Something personal in there someplace? Just wondering. Politics almost always has undercurrents, perhaps even quasi or pseudo conspirators, not readily seen on the surface by the voting public at large. It happens.

If there are legitimate reasons to replace an elected official, then there should be well qualified candidates stepping forward, but never for prestige or monetary benefits. If that were only so…

Sometimes, for most political offices, we should replace certain officials, if only for having held office too long. Our founding fathers so-designed our system in which you run, get elected, serve for a brief time, and then step down and back into society to examine what you have wrought to see how well it fits into our way of doing public service. Hardly ever as a stepping stone or career position. Government was not designed for such.

May Yahweh Elohim (God) bless us in this voting season through Yahshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus The Christ), Amein (Amen).

Jimmie Simmons,