To the Editor,

Citizens of Ellis County, as a descendent of a family that “pioneered” Ellis County, I take great pride in the quality of leadership and performance of elected officials serving our county. With this in mind, I encourage you to vote for Wess Winn as Ellis County Sheriff.

In answering the call for a more involved and conscientious leadership, I believe by electing Wess Winn; the health, safety, welfare and equal protection of “all” citizens in Ellis County will be provided at a higher level of accountability and responsibility than ever before. Performance equals expectations and a change in sheriff is needed soon.

The office of sheriff is a unique and complex one that must operate on a wide variety of federal and state-mandated regulations and procedures. Our sheriff must know how to successfully negotiate and partner with other agencies for combined law enforcement strength and effectiveness. Wess Winn has the personality, skills and common sense to accomplish this objective in a professional and seamless manner.

Having known Wess Winn all his life, I believe he has a reasonable understanding and knowledge of the diverse communities in Ellis County so he can make informed decisions regarding strategies that ensure equality in law enforcement throughout the county. This along with his formal education, experience, skills, integrity, honesty and ethics more than qualify him to perform the duties and responsibilities as the sheriff of Ellis County.

Voters in municipalities should remember this is not just a rural election; we all are a part of the county. Honor your liberty and freedom by voting for Wess Winn as Ellis County Sheriff.

Jack D. Burleson Sr.,