To the Editor,

Paul Perry does NOT deserve another four years to advance his political career on the backs of people living and working in precinct 3. Mr. Perry took office on Jan. 1, 2013 by Jan. 13 one of his first actions was firing three men with a combined road building experience of 22 years for no justified reason admitting later to the county head of human recourses he did not even look at the employees work records before making his decision to terminate them. Mr. Perry had hired one of his pals, Wayne Ballard, to take the foreman position away from a man with 20 years working in Precinct 3. The last job Ballard had prior was retired “civil” engineer and dictator/director of Forreston water. Along with this he also hired Rusty Ballard, the son of Wayne Ballard as a inter-governmental liaison, basically a glorified fetch it boy/yes man, his last job prior was stocking shelves at Lowes. How those skills transfer is a good question. When Perry found any unemployment benefits paid out would come directly from his budget, not the county slush fund he complained how unfair it was to any person that would listen. The other new hire at that time was Bobby Mcbride son-in-law to Wayne Ballard, another nepotism hire with no road building know-how at all. More friends/yes man have been hired most political tagalongs with no road building construction knowledge. When the men first started working on the road they were told by Perry to drive personal vehicles to the “job site” this was the new standard that is until the county legal department found out quickly putting a halt to this liability. Perry also complained about this to anyone within ear shot how unfair it was county trucks where used to take workers to and from roads. Perry is not getting any more work done on Precinct 3 roads he just posts more about it on social media the only people receiving favors are his pals and political coat tail riders.

Mr. Perry has run through his second foreman in less than four years. His demands of “put out fires” style of management has finally broken the last straw. Perry wants to run the show even in the commissioner court complaining about the smallest things demanding he be heard like a 5 year old not getting the toy he wants. Perry is a political squirrel trying to find a nut doing it at the expense of people he was elected to serve not his pals and friends!

Dane Southerland,