To the Editor,

There are plenty of really nice people running for office in Ellis County — proud people, thankful people — but when selecting a county commissioner to represent me, I like to look a little deeper. Paul Perry has been tested and proven a true conservative with the conviction to stand alone, if need be, to protect the interests of all of us in Precinct 3 and greater Ellis County. Whether the issue is dumping human waste on farmland, out-of-control spending, or our ever-expanding infrastructure needs, Commissioner Perry conducts himself time and time again as one of the most level-headed, competent leaders on the court.

Big changes in population density and diversity are already mounting among us. We need someone willing and experienced to work with all Ellis County precincts and municipalities to achieve our common goals. Without such leadership and vision, we are destined to repeat the mistakes of other once-rural communities like Plano and Frisco who have struggled terribly with infrastructure and an “all about me” mentality. Also, with growth comes more tax revenue, bigger budgets, and a strong inclination to spend that money freely. Yes, we’ll have to spend, but I want someone representing me who is really mindful of the difference between a want and a need, someone who really understands the tenet, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

It is no coincidence that Paul Perry has a professional background in investments, because that is what he is making in all of us in Ellis County.

Kimberly Koelzer,