To the Editor,

I’m sure Commissioner Paul Perry’s opponent Mr. Sanchez is a nice gentleman, but Paul has a proven track record as our county commissioner for over three years. He has refused to take a pay hike by voting down pay raises for top elected officials, where upon its approval by the commissioners court, Paul signed a document returning his pay raise back to the county. He is a fiscal conservative when it comes to spending taxpayer’s money. Even the former Texas Republican Party Chairman and President of the Texas Eagle Forum endorsed Paul because of his opposition to new taxes and push for government transparency.

Mr. Perry is my precinct commissioner, through his open door policy many of us have been able to approach him and discuss any issue regarding our county. He has earned the respect of many as an excellent commissioner who is known for being a man of his word. Moral leadership is lacking today in our political system and Paul is one of the few leaders with integrity that exemplifies the leadership and principles this nation was founded upon.

Commissioner Perry has been instrumental in being proactive to situations during his time as commissioner from the human waste noxious sludge issues to the High Speed Rail that will have a major negative impact on the Ellis County economy. Even with the devastating rains last year, Paul was able to keep the roads open and make immediate repairs on a limited road budget that was reduced this year.

He has been a strong supporter regarding economic development. When an educational and public policy advocacy organization was working on an economic development project for Ellis County, Paul Perry along with Representative John Wray and other community leaders agreed to join the advisory board to ensure the project’s success.

Commissioner Paul Perry has never waivered or shirked away from a challenge or an opportunity to better the lives of those whom he serves. Paul four years ago promised if he won the commissioner’s seat that he would only serve two terms. Well this is his second term coming up and in four more years he will vacate his post to the next generation leaving Ellis County Commissioners Court better than what he inherited.

Marty Hiles

Commissioner, Governing Board,

Community Development Sub-Regional Planning Commission