To the Editor,

I would like to take a moment to thank Ellis Commissioner Paul Perry for protecting the 2nd Amendment. We were able to open Texas gun, an outdoor gun range in Ellis County, one year ago only with the help of Commissioner Paul Perry and retired Commissioner Ron Brown. After years of completing every necessary federal, state and local requirement, they helped with the maze of governmental red tape. Commissioner Paul has also helped other companies fight governmental red tape. Paul Perry also believes in citizen rights and stated he will fight the high speed rail being forced on Ellis County residents as well as limit eminent domain as much as possible. I personally heard candidate Frank Sanchez state that schools and churches should be able to do eminent domain on their neighbors property when needed and this statement truly disturbs me. I believe that we need to limit government, not expand it and give eminent domain to non government entities. How is that not expanding government?

Paul Perry also believes in less government and has fought against any increase in the salaries of all commissioners. Commissioner Paul Perry has been patching roads with a daily facebook update after a record 500 year flood without any increase in funding — not an easy task.

In closing, I know for a fact that Paul Perry believes in the 2nd amendment. Commissioner Paul Perry is a person of great integrity and deserves your vote to continue to represent us.

Thank you for your time,

Hank K. Miller, DC