To the Editor,

Just so there is no doubt what definition I am using for “integrity”; is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. I would add now and in the past.

Just before Jan. 31, around 38 questions to candidates running in the up and coming race for, Precincts 1 Precincts 3, county sherriff, Constable Precinct 2, and Constable Precinct 4.

The questions asked at the Republican debate, this last week, were your basic political questions but did not get into questions about the candidates history or “integrity.” Integrity is important and also history goes to show how a candidate will act once he is elected. I love the old expression: “you just cannot teach old dogs new tricks.” Since candidates like commissioners will be handling county budget in excess of $2 million and self-votes on raises, Ellis County needs to know the answer to the 38 questions. If no answer is given then the voter has to fill in the blanks as to why or just take someone’s word the candidate is a “good ol boy,” trust me or he has more signs.

Sherriff’s Race, both Brown and Winn answered.

Constable Precinct 2 both Nay and Morgan answered.

Constable Precinct 4 both DeLara and Jones answered.

Commissioner Precinct 1 Pagan, Sadler, and Walsh answered. Crittenden and Stinson DID NOT.

Commissioner Precinct 3 Incumbent Commissioner Perry answered.

Sanchez informed he would not participate in the questionnaire and took it one step further. Sanchez said if we wanted to know Sanchez’s qualifications, we could look online.

Everyone had better vote like there life depends on it and that does include the Presidential race.

Craig Monk,

Ellis County