To the Editor,

Paul Perry has served us very well as County Commissioner for Precinct 3. Unlike other politicians, he didn’t just make promises, he kept them. There haven’t been tax increases since he took office. He initiated having audio equipment installed to add transparency to our local government. He works tirelessly to insure that our county is taken care of and not taken to the cleaners by certain elected officials.

Some local farmers are supporting his opponent because of Commissioner Perry’s successful work to remove raw human sewage fertilizer from our county. To me, this is ludicrous. It should be one of the reasons he is re-elected. Commissioner Perry didn’t just decide to fight against having raw human sewage dumped on our fields for his own purposes, he did it at the request of the residents of our precinct who were facing health issues, smell issues, and lower house values. This is just another way he is working for us.

In addition, he has been criticized for allowing our roads to deteriorate during his term. However, we have faced record breaking flooding over the past year, and this has most certainly affected the condition of our roads. Commissioner Perry provides regular updates regarding the work going on to repair the damage cause by this flooding.

His opponent likes to tout endorsements from former commissioners, the very commissioners whose underhanded dealings with the relocation of Magnablend were the reason we elected Commissioner Perry in the first place. Please try to remember why we elected Commissioner Perry, and let us not forget the reasons his opponent’s backers were replaced.

Mr. Perry works tirelessly for the citizens he was elected by. His opponents are backing someone who will stick to the status quo. Something stinks in Ellis county, and it’s not just the fertilizer.

Thank you for your consideration,

Heather Hardin,

Ellis County, Pct. 3