To the Editor,

The Republican Meet and Greet on Feb. 9 was a great opportunity to get to know the candidates. County Commissioner Pct. 3. Paul Perry is the incumbent and is a refreshing change in the current political environment. Mr. Perry once again has shown himself to be an honest, fiscally responsible conservative who consistently considers the needs of his constituents. Knowing his constituents want an opportunity to be heard at County Commissioner’s meetings, Mr. Perry has requested evening meetings, but he could not get a second on the proposal. He is opposed to the high speed rail, which will bring nothing positive to Ellis County, and eminent domain. His opponent tonight stated he believed eminent domain could be a good thing when used by a church or school to expand their campus, using it to acquire their neighbor’s property. Mr. Perry has communicated in a real way with his constituents through town hall meetings and daily updates to his commissioner’s page on Facebook. I believe in Paul Perry and ask that you join me in voting for a man who truly represents the people of Ellis County Precinct 3.

Patricia Miller,