To the Editor,

I like a person who says what he means and does what he says he will do. Unfortunately this kind of person is hard to find these days, especially in politics. But we have one, Sheriff Johnny Brown.

If you sit down to visit with Johnny, you don’t go away wondering what ulterior motives were behind the answers he gave to your questions; there are none. You don’t have to wonder if he will follow through on the things he agrees to do; he does them. If you ask a straight question, you will get a straight answer. If you have a concern, he will listen.

Johnny is at work every day. If you call him, he will call you back. If you ask to meet with him, he will meet with you. He is a hands-on manager who will not ask his employees to do something he would not do. He is respectful and kind to all.

Let’s re-elect Sheriff Johnny Brown. The primary election will be held on Tuesday, March 1. Check the county website for information on early voting.

Becky Harper,

Red Oak