The Texas Property Tax Code Section 5.102 requires the Comptroller of Public Accounts to review each appraisal district’s governance, taxpayer assistance, operating procedures and appraisal standards, procedures and methodology at least once every two years.

“Ellis Appraisal District (EAD) is proud to announce that once again, the district has scored top marks in the 2015 MAP Review. This is a continuing legacy that started in 2011, was repeated in 2013 and we expect to repeat well into the future.” said chief appraiser Kathy Rodrigue.

The Comptroller’s Property Tax Assistance Division (PTAD) not only performs the Methods and Assistance Program (MAP) reviews on approximately half of all appraisal districts each year, they also perform a Property Value Study (PVS) on School District Values in those districts the following year.

The primary purpose of the PVS is to help ensure equitable distribution of state funding for public education and the secondary purpose is to collect data to provide taxpayers, school districts, appraisal districts and the Legislature with measures of appraisal district performance.

PTAD measures the level and uniformity of property tax appraisals using data collected in the school district PVS and EAD has continually been successful in this study.

“We are truly proud of the EAD team and their dedication to excellent service in both the MAP and PVS reviews” Rodrigue said. “The Board of Directors has an uncompromising challenge of good stewardship that our team has fully embraced and we believe to quote Theodore Roosevelt, that ‘people do not care how much we know until they know how much we care.’ It is an honor to work with such an outstanding group of people.

“If you would like to know more about the appraisal district, we have recently published our fifth annual report that details many of our challenges and successes in serving the property owners and taxing units of Ellis County,” she added.

The 2015 Annual Report is available at

For more information email the Ellis Appraisal Distrit at or call at 972-937-3552 with any questions or concerns.