This is not the first time that I have to use this method to thank someone in this town of Waxahachie for an incredible noble deed.

It was busy Thursday afternoon when I decided to do my shopping at Walmart in Waxahachie. Being of a certain age (old) it takes me a little longer to accomplish this task, including putting all those bags in the trunk of my car. Having bought some dry dogfood, I opened the bag and through a handful of it to those hungry black birds that hang around the parking lot. Having done that, I parked my cart and drove back to the Park Lane Apartments across from the Senior Center where I live, when I realized that I was minus my purse. Since my whole life’s value was in that purse, I broke out in a cold sweat, jumped back into my car, in hope to retrieve part of my existence, my purse and its contents, all along praying for a miracle, that I would find it.

I drove to the spot where I had parked – no purse. Realizing the impossible task of finding my purse, I sup- pressed my tears and went into the store to “Customer Service,” considering the odds that someone might have found it and returned it to the store.

When I got to the counter, the lady looked at me as if she expected me to be there and asked me if I came to get my purse. I can’t express my feelings when I saw her smile. “Yes, I did indeed come to find my purse.” A few minutes later she handed me my purse and told me that someone had handed it in. Oh God was I happy. All the credit cards where there and identification accounted for. And now comes the hard part, how do you tell some- one “thank you,” how do you hug someone gratefully, when you don’t know who it is?

That is when this newspaper “Daily Light” will have to help me. If and when you read this, dear person, please be assured that you made this old lady believe in miracles, and I have proof that there was a reason why I chose to live in this lovely town of Waxahachie with all the incredible wonderful people in it. You taught

me how to believe in miracles, and I am gratefully and happy to live amongst you.

Doris Wheeler,