To the Editor,

With the Iowa caucus over and the national stage for the President starting to take shape, I wanted to as a long time resident and business owner in Ellis county point out a local race that is not only important but essential for us as residents to get right, that is the com- missioners race for Precinct 3.

I believe it is vital for Ellis county residents to back Commissioner Perry by reelecting him, and let me explain why. I served with Paul Perry as a special com- missioner under the three county judges here in Ellis County for years. In that time I noticed honorable quali- ties about him and the way he made decisions that are not found in society much anymore. Let me note just a couple of them. I noticed that Mr. Perry always listened to both sides of the case in a hearing not prejudging before both sides were given the opportunity to speak. This allowed the integrity of the process to work. It did not matter who you were and he made “justice is blind” decisions not out of political pressure but rather on what was the right thing to do. I have found that type of integrity is now becoming rare and is needed for a com- missioner. Someone we can trust to do what’s right.

I also found interacting with Commissioner Perry that he was and still is a voice in our local government for conservative values and principles. Anyone who rubs shoulders with him for any length of time knows that he desires for the people of his precinct and the entire county to have the same mooring that this country was founded upon. With that being said we in Ellis County cannot afford to lose Commissioner Perry’s voice in our local decision making. I saw him first hand fight for our freedoms.

With all governments national, state and local using and consuming tax dollars it is important that we keep a commissioner like Mr. Perry overseeing the spending of our hard earned money. I want a commissioner — no we need a commissioner who has the integrity, fortitude and to represent not only his precinct but all of us in El- lis county. Let’s keep Commissioner Perry and keep our freedoms and rights!

Ron Wegscheid,