JEWETT, Texas — As opposition to the Dallas Houston HSR continues to grow, the leadership of Texans Against High-Speed Rail has created a special litigation partnership with Dallas law firm, The Beckham Group, as well as formed a new Texas nonprofit corporation named TAHSR Land Defense Fund.

Blake Beckham, co-founder of The Beckham Group, will champion the private property right of Texans by focusing his litigation efforts on stopping the project to protect landowners whose property would be devastated by this unwarranted project.

Because eminent domain is typically a last resort, and this project is far from the point of being approved to acquire property through eminent domain, the TAHSR Land Defense Fund was created to offer landowners a collective effort to protect their lands and ecologically sensitive natural resources and wildlife from being harmed long before eminent domain is necessary.

This should ease the burden from landowners to retain individual counsel at this point. TAHSR Land Defense Fund is a Texas nonprofit corporation, which is applying for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code to be effective for 2016; if the IRS grants the exemption, donations to the fund may be tax deductible.

Beckham said of his collaboration with TAHSR, “When faced with the prospect of a private company, Texas Central Partners, backed largely by Japanese interests, attempting to misuse the power of eminent domain to scar the beautiful countryside of Texas, I knew this cause needed my legal experience. Texas landowners and taxpayers should not have to bear the devastation this unneeded project will bring to our state.”

Kyle Workman, president of Texans Against High-Speed Rail, shared at a recent private meeting of Land Defense Fund members, “Texans Against High-Speed Rail represents a broad coalition of Texans who oppose the proposed HSR, and with the recent formation of the Land Defense Fund, landowners now have a way to support a legal fight that no one landowner should shoulder alone. Mr. Beckham, who is committed to stopping the project entirely…not simply moving it off his own property, will work with us to protect some of Texas’ most precious land.”

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