To the Editor,

I would like to endorse Ronald Levingston for Ellis County Commissioner in Precinct 1. Mr. Levingston brings excellent credentials, remarkable accomplishments, commitment, and enthusiasm needed in this position.

I know him as a classmate, church mate, confidant, and friend. He has shown himself to be loyal, trustworthy, and dependable. He is able to work well with all people. His respect for them shows in his treatment of them. I know he will keep the County residents and his constituents apprised of and involved in the issues. You will find that he knows how to diffuse negative situations in amicable fashion. He exemplifies honesty, equity, and thoughtfulness. He is willing to dedicate long hours of work when necessary to fulfill the obligations of this position. Ronald has his family’s blessing and support to pursue this timely undertaking.

With pride and enthusiasm, I support Ronald Levingston in this race. I believe we need Ronald Levingston. I know Ronald Levingston needs our support. Vote for him March 1 as the new Ellis County Commissioner in Precinct 1.

Patricia Haley,