NEW YORK (AP) _ A New York jury will hear statements made to police by a former mental patient who is accused of stalking Uma Thurman.

The jury will also hear details of a letter Jack Jordan allegedly wrote to the "Kill Bill" actress and e-mails sent to her father.

Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro said Friday that prosecutors may use the material at Jordan's trial Monday.

Carro said Jordan, 37, professes his love for Thurman in the letter and e-mails.

Jordan's lawyer, George Vomvolakis, had argued the statements to police were improperly taken and should be excluded.

Jordan was arrested in October 2007 on stalking and aggravated harassment charges. He's accused of following and trying to contact Thurman for two years.

Jordan, who said he lives in Maryland's Montgomery County, has been free on $10,000 bail.

He testified at a hearing Thursday that police falsely told him he could go home as soon as he answered questions about trying to contact Thurman.

Vomvolakis said in January that he hoped to avoid a trial and work out a plea deal in which Jordan would enter a psychiatric program.

Thurman, 37, is expected to testify next week. Her screen credits also include "Pulp Fiction" and "The Producers."

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