A local art studio is getting involved with the Hurricane Harvey fundraising. Painting with a Twist in Sherman is offering patrons the opportunity to “Paint with a Purpose” on Sept. 17.

During the “Painting with a Purpose” session, 100 percent of the proceeds from patrons signing up for the class will go toward Hurricane Harvey relief.

“If we have a sold out studio, which is 65 people, we would be donating about $2,000 for those that just sign up for the class,” Painting with a Twist Sherman owner, Tedra Franklin said. “This is an initiative of the Painting with a Purpose Foundation. Beaumont has four artists that work with Painting with a Twist. They lost their houses along with the studio owner there. They lost the studio there.”

Franklin said the funds raised will be going to help these people, as well as others who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“There are 380 Painting with a Twist studios that can opt in to do this fundraiser,” she said. “We have decided to be one of those studios.”

Painting with a Twist has partnered with Fulbelli’s in Sherman to have a special drawing that will also benefit those in Houston. The drawing will be for a dinner and a Painting with a Twist experience. That money will go to the Houston Food Bank.

“That is the second part of our fundraising,” Franklin said. “The third part is the selling of the Texas Strong T-shirts. We will be partnering with other organizations too.”

Painting with a Twist, Franklin said, was an effect of Hurricane Katrina.

“There was an artist in Mandoville, Georgia which is just north of New Orleans,” Franklin said. “After Hurrican Katrina, people were losing hope. There was just so much devastation. They wanted to bring art back to the area and give people a distraction from everything else that was going on. Here Painting with a Twist wants to have a similar mission. It was obvious how we can give back.”

The Sunday “Painting with a Purpose” session is $35 per person and with that comes everything that is needed for the class.

“The shirts we are selling are free with a $10 or more donation,” Franklin said.

The tickets for the food and painting session drawing are $1 for 20 or $6 for 100. Also, Painting with a Twist Sherman will be having a silent auction through Sunday to benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey.

For more information about these fundraisers, visit Facebook page Painting with a Twist Sherman.