EDITOR’S NOTE: We asked Wess Winn, community services officer and crime prevention coordinator with the Waxahachie Police Department to write a weekly column in an effort to answer many of the law enforcement-related questions posed by our readers. Here’s this week’s column.

The city marshal, Charles Bingham, wanted me to bring this to everyone’s attention. The Great Texas Warrant Round-Up will be held from March 5-12.

Beginning March 5, the Waxahachie City Marshal’s Office and the city of Waxahachie, in conjunction with more than 240 surrounding cities, will be conducting a warrant roundup. 

The Waxahachie Police Department will bring in extra officers to serve active warrants. We will be serving warrants at residences and places of employment, in front of family, friends and co-workers.

If you think you have a warrant, call the municipal court office in the city where the warrant was issued to make arrangements for payment of your warrant before March 5 to avoid being arrested.

If you wish to enter a plea of not guilty, you must submit cash, money order or cashier’s check in order to receive a court date. If you wish to enter a plea of guilty or no-contest and waive your right to have a trail before the court or a jury of your peers, a money order, cash, cashier’s check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express will be accepted.  You may also contact the Waxahachie city marshal to inquire about a warrant payment plan.

You can appear in person with proper identification or you may also mail a money order along with a written plea and waiver of trial after calling this office to confirm the amount you owe.

If you have a Police Beat question for Officer Wess Winn, he may be reached by e-mail at wwinn@waxahachiepd.org or call 972-937-9940, Ext. 211. Look for your questions to be answered here in the Waxahachie Daily Light every Sunday or listen to officer Winn’s show on KBEC Radio AM 1390 at 9 a.m. every Monday.