Southwestern Assemblies of God University professor Darren Daugherty, Ph.D., will join Assemblies of God National Youth Director Jay Mooney on the Emmaus Experience youth tour May 26-June 6.

The purpose of the tour is to educate 17-20 year-old young people about the historical context of first century Christianity.

Daugherty’s interest in Holy Land studies intensified in 2009 after spending a month in Israel.

His experience taught him the importance of ancient Near East geography and archeology in biblical interpretation.

“When students are given the opportunity to explore geographical and historical contexts of biblical events, they often have a greater appreciation for the authenticity of the Bible,” he said.

Richard Cleave, a Holy Lands geographer and author, recently asked Daugherty to be a part of the editorial advisory team for his updated edition of “The Holy Land Satellite Atlas.”

Daugherty continues his post-doctoral work in Holy Land Studies at Jerusalem University College through George Fox University.

His resume includes master’s degrees in elementary education and theological studies and a doctorate in education and family development.

Director for the Center for Holy Lands Studies Mark Turnage invited Daugherty as the professor teaching on the first of two youth tours this summer.

The mission of the tour is to encourage young people to deepen their personal faith and biblical knowledge through contextual immersion. Attendees will visit Jerusalem, Galilee, Nazareth, the Dead Sea, Mount Carmel, the Jordan River, Capernaum, the City of David, the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Elah Valley.

Prospective SAGU students receive a 50 percent tuition discount for the one, two, or three-hour “Biblical Backgrounds of Israel” course.

High school students are also eligible for a $2,000 participation scholarship to SAGU. For financial aid information, view the SAGU Financial Aid Handbook.

The course is dual credit. Coursework is completed online through SAGU’s School of Distance Education.

The tour is hosted by the Center for Holy Lands Studies and the Assemblies of God National Youth Ministries. For trip details, visit the Center for Holy Lands Studies website.

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