A group of about 20 SAGU music students, faculty, and alumni participated in the Texas Music Educator’s Association convention Feb. 11-12 in San Antonio, Texas.

The 2010 TMEA convention featured workshops for band, orchestra, vocal, elementary and college educators, concerts, and exhibit halls with representatives from various facets of the music education industry.

The Texas Music Educators Association began in 1920 as the Texas Band Teachers Association. It now consists of more than 10,000 school music educators.

The goals of the organization include providing professional growth opportunities, encouraging interaction among music education professionals, fostering public support for music in schools, cultivating universal appreciation and lifetime involvement in music, and developing and maintaining productive working relationships with other professional organizations.

During the convention, participants had the opportunity to attend workshops and learn about various areas of music.

“These seminars, along with the atmosphere, helped me feel much more confidently that I am pursuing God’s will for my life,” student Sara Demel said. “We learned a ton and had a blast doing it.”

“The Texas Music Educator’s Association Convention is not just for music education majors, it is for everyone majoring in music,” said Linda Robins, SAGU music department chair. “The information attained from the workshops can be applied to any discipline of music; the concerts are extremely inspiring; there are exhibitors from all aspects of music; and the entire convention is worth attending. I would recommend that all music students make plans to attend next year.”