Red Oak Rehab Center and Pleasant Manor Rehab Center of Waxahachie have recently added a service that has opened a myriad of options for residents.

Now, residents of both facilities have access to wheelchair-accessible vans, complete with chairlifts and the capability of transporting 10-12 passengers.

Tammie Dooley, director of marketing for the two Ellis County facilities, gave examples of what the new service means to residents.

“It is very beneficial to both long-term and short term residents,” Dooley said. “Short-term patients, which, for example, have just perhaps had knee replacement and are with us for 14 days, can be driven to their doctor’s appointments when, in times past, they were mostly dependent on family to transport them.”

Long-term residents have found themselves more mobile than before and with widened opportunities for outside activities.

“It really expands their horizons – they can do things they could never do before such as make trips to restaurants, movies, the park, shopping or even to the fair,” Dooley said. “And these vans are far more cost effective because, previously, if we took them to the fair or to Grand Prairie to see the Christmas lights, we had to hire outside transportation, which was expensive.”

Dooley said the service also has been invaluable in transporting dialysis patients to their thrice-weekly treatments.

The vans are totally wrapped in graphics advertising the services of the two facilities and have been in service since December. Each one looks almost identical with the exception of one bearing the name of Pleasant Manor Rehab Center, complete with phone number, and the other displaying the Red Oak Rehab Center and phone number.

But the service isn’t just limited to transporting residents – the vans will also participate in Meals-on-Wheels for Ellis County.

“We want to help deliver meals to residents in Waxahachie and Red Oak,” she said. “This is one way we can give back to the community – and each van has its own driver.”

Senior Care Centers has 19 facilities throughout Texas including Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas Fort Worth and in West Texas.

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