Avoiding a set routine at the gym and getting enough sleep are important steps in making yourself a healthier and happier person.

Keeping workouts fresh and exciting by incorporating such activities as running or riding a bike can also keep a person focused on achieving his or her goal of becoming a fitter individual.

Personal trainer Daniel Ortiz, who’s based out of the Lord’s Gym in Waxahachie and who also works with Larry North, says an aerobic workout can begin with just going for a walk around the block.

“One thing that is important is to keep going from one exercise to another – to mix it up – because that keeps your heart rate up, keeps you in your fat burning zone and increases your muscular strength as well as your endurance,” Ortiz said.

“An aerobic exercise is a big stress reliever because when you’re working out you get a natural high. It releases endorphins. If you’re grouchy or grumpy it is amazing how that changes. The aerobic workout really gets you into a better mood,” he said.

Aerobic exercises can include running for a long distance and pacing yourself as you go, playing sports such as tennis or enrolling in a step or kickboxing class. The benefits of such a workout include an overall feeling of wellness, sleeping better, increased circulation, improved mood and a stronger heart.

He said the reason why people don’t see results right away in their program is that they become impatient which leads to frustration and that leads to dropping out. Ortiz reminds people that results are achieved over time through hard work, dedication and time.

A long with maintaining a health diet remembering to get enough sleep can be beneficial to a person health. 

“The need of sleep is important when in comes to work, training and life in general. Not enough sleep can result in being drowsy throughout the day and this happens to some of my clients that I train,” he said. “They will tell you that they become cranky and kind of irritable and that is because of the lack of sleep they experience.

“Also there are increased chances of accidents with people falling, stumbling and running into stuff. In college, people have tried all-nighters to stay up and study,” he said. “It does not work because you’re so sleepy from staying up late that you can’t focus on the test that you were studying for. You don’t remember anything because sleep helps you with your memory. Sleep makes you not as forgetful.”

For more information on working out, e-mail Ortiz at Daniel@daofsff.com or visit online at www.daofsff.com.

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