Sherrie Odom, the new owner of Blooms and More, and her crew will always remember Valentine’s Day of 2010 as the year they had to work in the dark.

In the wake of a record-breaking snowfall in North Texas and the resulting power outages, floral arrangements and gifts had to be created by Coleman lantern.

“I just bought this business a few days ago,” Odom said, saying with a chuckle, “And when I came in this morning to a shop with no electricity, I said, ‘Welcome to the florist business.’ But we do what we have to do and we’re interested in keeping our customers happy, so we’re designing in the dark.”

The inconvenience didn’t seem to shake the happy workers, who just made a joke out of it and kept on working.

“We are all set up for a couple to come to our shop and have a most romantic dinner by candlelight,” Donna Zamura joked. “We will set it up for them back in the refrigerator.”

With a smile, she explained that the more than a half-dozen candles lit in the refrigerated room were actually for the purpose of lighting a path to the restroom for employees.

Odom, who has re-invented herself from the realty business to the floral business, says preparing floral arrangements and gifts for people is rewarding.

“I had already had some experience in this business having worked here in this shop for Flowers by Patty,” she said. “Now that I have bought the business, I’m just glad that I have this way of being of service to people who want to remember their sweeties during Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. And it’s also fulfilling having a part in providing arrangements for people that have lost loved ones.”

Odom and her crew, which includes Camille Blankenbeckler, Zamura, Jana Santos and Dale Jones, were racing against the clock, by candle and lantern light, Friday afternoon as they filled hundreds of orders for area residents for Valentine’s Day.

For information about Blooms and More, contact Odom at 972-937-3111 or via her e-mail at Blooms and More is located at 406 W. Franklin St., near the courthouse square.

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