Saturday afternoon, snowballs were replaced by Mardi Gras beads as the colored beads were being thrown by the parade’s participants as the downtown square in Waxahachie took on a festive spirit. 

The snow still lining the sidewalks of the downtown square was soon covered by the many who came out to celebrate.

“This is the seventh year for the parade. It is a lot of fun and is still growing since its beginning seven years ago,” said organizer Wayne Strickland of the College Street Pub.

Starting the parade was the grand marshal, Waxahachie Mayor Ron Wilkinson. After donning a traditional Mardi Gras hat, Wilkinson chose to walk the route in lieu of riding in a vehicle so as to hand out beads and personally greet the many people celebrating the parade. 

Joining Wilkinson were floats and vehicles from many of the city’s businesses and civic groups. Several of the parade’s participants were dressed in costumes symbolic of the Mardi Gras celebration.

The parade wound its way from South Rogers around the square before returning back up College Street. All along the route, the streets and sidewalks were lined by partiers collecting the many of the beads distributed by the parade participants.

Besides the parade, Singleton Plaza featured several vendors and bands playing. Later in the evening, the festive spirit continued with the masquerade ball sponsored by the Order of the Odd Fellows Lodge.