The First United Methodist Church of Ennis is in the process of updating and adding to the history of the church.

It is hoped that someone who reads this article will have some type of memorabilia or pictures they are willing to share in helping with this effort.

These Methodist first met in a small wooden store owned by two Methodist men, T.L. McCarty and G. Blakely in the year 1872. This store was located on the corner of what is now known as West Ennis Avenue and South Main Street.

The church was organized in 1875 and services were held in an old school house on the corner of West Milam and South Dallas Street.

In 1878, lots were purchased in the 300 block of South Dallas Street. A church building was completed in that same year. A bell was purchased in Germany, placed in a special tower and the beautiful tones of this bell called people to worship every Sunday.

The membership grew and on Jan. 28, 1951, this same bell, now in a new tower in a new church building called people to worship. Bishop William C. Martin preached the first sermon that Sunday morning in this beautiful new church located 309 North McKinney Street.

There are probably many people who remember being in the area of this construction at 8 in the morning on May 26, 1950 when the 91 foot spire topped with a slender cross was raised atop this new building and silhouetted against a clear blue sky.

This was a crowning glory to a new beginning in growth and construction.

If you were there please share your memories by contacting the church office, mailing your memories to the church at 300 North Sherman, or stopping by for a visit. Your efforts will truly be appreciated.