Members of the Ellis County Czech Heritage Society met Tuesday, Feb. 5 at the K.J.T. Dining Room and a very interesting time was enjoyed by all present.

The meeting was called to order by President Victor Havel who led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a short prayer. With many items on the meeting agenda, it was agreed to dismiss the reading of the minutes and only a brief Treasurer’s Report was read.

President Havel then introduced Marita Barak, who was instrumental in promoting interest in beginning a Youth Group and also a Young Adult Group interested in learning the Czech Polka and Waltz along with some Fun Dances brought over by our Ancestors from Czechoslovakia.

Marita took a few minutes to explain the two groups have been meeting on Sunday afternoon at the Sokol and S.P.J.S.T Halls with enthusiastic progress made by both. The Youth Group was anxious to show just how much they had accomplished, and Marita invited them, along with their Instructor Paula Campo, to the delight of the Heritage members.

Dressed in their Czech Krojs, the “Little Ennis Czechadees” performed a lively dance to “Annie in the Cabbage Patch,” “Put Your Foot” and “The Chicken Dance,” inviting all present to join them in this dance.

Members of the “Little Ennis Czechadees” are, Grace Alston, April Dvorak and Katherine Stuckly.

President Havel expressed our thanks to the group, also thanking the Czechadees parents, and grandparents for entertainment enjoyed by all.

President Havel then introduced Ms. Laurie Wilson who spoke to us about a project she is currently promoting, a photographic history of Ennis from the 1870s through 1960.

This will be in book form, published by Arcadia Publishing and will include a total of 180 to 240 original photographs, postcards, etc. The book will be a pictorial history of Ennis and Ms. Wilson will be including pictures of the early settlers of Ennis from Czechoslovakia along with history pictures of the early cotton fields, early school pictures, the rail road history, etc.

With interest and help from the Czech Heritage Society, The Ennis Historical Society and citizens of Ennis, the book should be a huge success.

Since we were discussing things historical, Sylvia Laznovsky announced that the Ennis Sokol Karel Havlicek Borovsky Hall would be celebrating its 100 year anniversary on April 18, 19 and 20 this year.

They are publishing a souvenir/memory book with the history of the Sokol Unit in Ennis and everyone is invited to join them and participate in this historic event. So mark your calendars.

Also, Dorothy Kudrna invited all present to the 50 Year Anniversary of the Ennis Sewing Circle on March 9 at the Sokol Hall. The celebration will be from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m and there will be exhibits quilts the members have hand quilted over the years with a chance to purchase tickets on a finished quilt from the Jr. Sokol members at this event.

Among other items brought up was the State Meeting of the Czech Historical Society which will be sponsored by the Ellis County Czech Heritage Society and held here in Ennis Nov. 15.

As the meeting was a bit long this evening, it was decided to table this item until our next meeting on April 1.

Snacks were enjoyed by all and door prizes were awarded and the meeting was adjourned.