The Ellis County Office of Emergency Management is seeking organizations and individuals interested in volunteering during a large-scale public health emergency.

“I would love to present our CRI program to any organizations within Ellis County,” said CRI program coordinator Diana Claussen. “I am ready to make a presentation of 30 minutes to an hour and prepared to answer any questions that the attendees might have.”

This federally funded program was initiated to train and prepare U.S. cities and residents to respond to local health emergencies involving a biological agent.

“In the event of a widespread public health emergency, such as pandemic flu, we may need to open what we call Point of Dispensing sites or PODs,” Claussen said. “Organizations and volunteers will be trained to open and operate these sites.”

PODs are used to dispense vaccines and medications to the public.  POD training and drills are implemented for every volunteer and city.

All volunteers of every skill are needed to operate these temporary emergency facilities across Ellis County when a health crisis is declared.

“All volunteers and their immediate family members are eligible to be the first to receive vaccinations or medications in the event of such a crisis,” Claussen said.

To schedule a presentation for an organization or to learn more about CRI volunteer opportunities, call Claussen at 972-923-5222.