As the COVID-19 pandemic continues throughout the nation, the local restaurant Jimmy’s Wings and Burgers shared its unusual success and high customer volume since March.

Omma Nesar is a 40-year-old female entrepreneur who bought the location last June. Nesar shared the statistics of business over the last few months and stated that business has been at its peak during the pandemic.

"By profession, I am an interior designer and fashion designer. From my childhood, I had a dream to become successful in business," Nesar shared. "I did a number of successful interior designing projects in Bangladesh. I had also dream to do restaurant business. I bought ’Jimmy's Wings and Burgers’ last year."

Sales were reduced in March when the coronavirus started spreading and the government ordered restaurants to close dine-in areas, Nesar said. "I saw my daily sale was getting less day by day. Our dining room was closed for the customer. Fewer customers were coming to pick up their food. Like other small business owners, I also panicked," she explained. "It was a real challenge for me to increase sales. I knew if I failed to increase the sale I would not be able to pay my rents, bills, and my seven employees would lose their job. I will lose my business."

Nesar then began to brainstorm to find a way to bring success back during the hard time.

"So, I started thinking about how I can get the customer return. Since dine-in was closed, I had two options in my hand. Increase takeout and delivery. But our delivery partners (Grubhub, Doordash, Uber Eats, Texoma) are very costly," Nesar shared. "They used to take 20% to 40% of our sales. For a small business like us, it is huge pressure, particularly during this pandemic. If we only depend on them, we can't survive. So, we decided to increase sales from our own online ordering and start our own delivery. Within a short time, I started delivery services with very nominal fees. This is also saving for customers."

She informed customers of the change through the business’s Facebook page. Additionally, Nesar began to work on building relationships with her customers.

"I know a strong customer relationship can change the scenario. Since ’Jimmy's Wings & Burgers’ is a local business and local people love our food, it will not be difficult to bring them back," she said. "We understand that during the COVID-19 pandemic, customers want their food at their doorstep maintaining health safety. We have our Facebook page. We started messaging our customers about the offers of our own home delivery at a low cost. We also informed our customers about maintaining our standard health procedure. Within a week, we started getting responses from our local customers. Customers started to order from our own webpage or calling for takeout or delivery."

Now, more faithful customers order from the restaurant, which obtained additional customers when the government opened dine-in to 25 percent capacity.

"Our main foods are burgers, sandwiches, and wings. We make our food from fresh meat. We don't use any precooked patty like other burger shops. Our standard quality of food is another good reason for our customers (to come) back," Nesar said.

Jimmy’s Wings and Burgers has been maintaining standard health practice during the pandemic. "Our all employees are maintaining standard health practice. They always use hand gloves and face masks. Delivery drivers maintain social distancing. We also sanitize all tables, chairs, register areas, common spaces very frequently at our restaurant. We provide hand sanitizer to our all employees and customers," she shared.

Since business is going well, Nesar has been been sure to give back to her employees.

"I also believe that my employees are the soul of my business. I need to take care of our own employees. Due to COVID-19, when the government orders us to close dine-in, our employees were also panicked to lose their job," Nessar said. "I assure them and encourage them to do good work. To encourage them more we declared to give the award of ’Best Employees of the Month Award’ with a $50 check and a certificate. It encourages my employees to make quality food and maintain good health practice. We also announced to give a bonus to our employees on Christmas Eve."

Jimmy's Wings & Burgers is located at 401 N Hwy 77, Suite 2, Waxahachie, TX 75165.

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