After their recent opening in the Bishop Arts District, White Rhino Coffee announced they will be opening 10 more stores in the next 18 months.

"From an overarching perspective, we have an aggressive plan in place to open 10 more stores, in the next 18 months," shared Marketing Director and Chief Marketing Officer Mary O’Connor. "The next one that we open will be Arlington and then we will be opening one in St. Thomas neighborhood of Dallas. The rest are TBD; we’re still looking for those locations."

However, no matter the location, each store will have the same goal: "No matter which one you go to, it’s still a place where you can belong and that’s our mentality," O’Connor said. "It’s a place where anybody can come in, belong, sit at our table, eat at our table and be a part of our community."

The overall reaction of the expansion of the coffee shop has been exciting.

"People were asking us, ‘When are you gonna be in Dallas?’, O’Connor said. "We opened just for friends and family on Saturday because we do a dry-run and a soft opening. The public was so excited that we let them in. They were outside saying, ‘Can we come in, can we come in?’So they came into our store as we were doing our friends and family soft pre-run through opening."

Additionally, O’Connor commented on the White Rhino Rewards App that was recently released to the public.

"As part of that, knowing we were growing, we wanted to have an easy way for our customers to be able to order remotely," O’Connor shared. "We also, along with the App, we launched it in conjunction with a revamp of our rewards program. As we got bigger and we started offering things in the stores that weren’t just coffee ... we wanted people to just earn points for everything that they bought as a thank you for buying those goods from us."

She says the reviews from the community have been positive. They are still tweaking and adding to the app, as it is still newly launched. With the app, users can expect daily specials.

At every location, customers can also expect "quick bites" to be added to the menu. The items, such as avocado toast or a chicken biscuit, will be available to order all day long. They will also have a line of grab and go items, for people to grab easily.

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