Bahama Buck's is set to open at 11 a.m. June 30 as a part of Waxahachie’s North Grove Business Park.

"So we open in a week from today," said owner Mark Roux on Tuesday. "What Bahama Buck’s is, is a quick-service dessert restaurant and kind of the philosophy is to bless our guests with the ultimate tropical dessert."

The business is partnering with real estate agency The Stevens Team to offer a chance for someone to win a year's supply of Bahama Buck’s.

In order to qualify for this contest, participants must follow the rules listed on The Stevens Team Facebook page.

The winner will receive a free regular size sno with no add-ons each week for 52 weeks.

"There’s tons of folks in Ellis County that are driving upwards of 20 to 25 miles just to go experience Bahama Buck’s," Roux said. "So this is something my wife and I decided that we wanted to bring to this county and to Waxahachie."

Additionally, The Stevens Team and Bahama Buck's are partnering to pay for the first 100 customers to receive a regular size sno, add-ons not included.

The dessert-based restaurant offers a variety of choices for customers, from its shaved ice to acai bowls.

Roux said he is most excited for the experience the business will bring to the community.

"Just to bring the experience to Waxahachie and the surrounding towns. I think we’re most excited about watching people react on Facebook and react in communication throughout the town," Roux said.