A construction worker was injured after falling from a wall at the Waxahachie Fire Department’s new fire training facility Thursday afternoon.

Emergency crews were dispatched at 3:15 p.m. located on Lions Park Road. At the time of the accident, the worker was one of several workers building a new burn house for the department.

“We initially got a collapsed wall on a worker. We arrived and found out that he just fell. He lost his balance and fell and hit his head on one of the bricks. He cut his face open. No wall collapsed. Matter of fact, he was probably 10 foot from the building and hit a brick that was lying on the ground,” said Capt. Jerry Sykes, with the Waxahachie Fire Department. “He is refusing transport right now, but we are told that (his) boss is going to carry him to the ER.”

Skyes said the worker was alert and could answer all of the questions given to him by medical personnel.

The burn house is a training building made of concrete and cinderblocks. It provides firefighters with the opportunity to train in realistic scenarios they might face with a live fire. The burn house had been in use since 1990. It provided training not only to Waxahachie firefighters, but to fire departments around the county and to the students of Navarro College’s Fire Academy.

According to a previous article, the department started noticing problems with the integrity of the concrete during the last couple of years. Since those issues with the building have come up, no live fire training has been done in more than 18 months. The department has limited use of the building to rescue training with a training dummy and has utilized smoke machines for those scenarios.

The contract to rebuild the building was awarded to Eagle Contractor out of Lancaster by the city council on April 4. Navarro College partnered with the city on the project since students used the facility frequently.

At the time of the accident, the old burn house had been completely torn down and the new building was being constructed. In addition to the fire department, medical personnel from AMR ambulance service provided assistance on the call.


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