To the Editor,

In regards to Scott Brooks in his “Head to Head” April 8 comments, I could not agree more. In the history of the world it has already been proven that when a would be dictator starts gaining power, one of the first things they do is restricting free speech, and, the right to protect themselves. Both of which are needed so that the people will have unrestricted freedom to make up their own minds about whatever they may hear or read. Way to go,Scott, you have made us all proud.

And now, I would like to relate a little story of my own. First off, it is my belief that the people of Waxahachie have a good police department. But, you know it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole barrel. And, I believe, as does Scoot Brooks, when he said: “the basic truth is that the people must be heard.”

Now, I would like my voice to be heard, nothing more, nothing less. On Nov. 11, 2011 I was driving north in the 300 block of N. College. When the last auto in front of me moved into the turn lane, I saw a man exiting a pickup truck. He opened the door as wide as it would go. He proceeded to walk into the passenger side door of my truck. As you may imagine, it got worse in a hurry. Here comes the cops. He got out of the squad car and walked to where I was standing. He pointed over his shoulder and asked me “is that your truck?” I said, “Yes it is.” He said, “I will get back with you in a minute.” After a little bit he came back. He stuck his card, with his badge number on it in my chest area and said, “You are free to go.” I threw my hands up and started to say, “Hey, you have not even ask ...” He cut me off in a tone of voice that to me was quite threatening. He said , “YOU SIR, ARE FREE TO GO!” So, I went. And yes, I was a little put out because he was not interested in at least hearing my side of what happened. Well, not to worry, I can get this all straitened out later. I drove over to the insurance company. They took pictures and said, “we can see this was not your fault.” Well, time moved on. I never thought much about it until one day there was a knock on the door. I was served papers that I was being sued, three days before time ran out for me to do anything. Here comes something that makes no sense at all. The very one that caused it all was suing me for more than $1 million. Well, he settled for $30,000. Now, I was not at fault and the thought that anybody could do something like this is rather scary, to say the least. This thing began to eat on me. If you have ever been wronged, you understand. I paid a visit to our police chief hoping for some assurance that I was right. Big mistake. I gave him the accident report. He read it. Maybe I should mention that in the civil suit against me, that the police had stated it was my fault. I pointed that out to the chief and asked him, “How can anyone say I had been at fault?” He said, “Well, had I have been that officer, I would said it was your fault.” I said, “Show me where I was at fault.” He said, “That man getting out of the truck, the instant his feet touched the ground, he became a pedestrian, and you hit him, and that puts you at fault.” I said, “Hey, no matter if he walked into the side of my truck?” He said, “it does not matter where he was, you hit him, and that makes you at fault.” I said. “Around the courthouse we have two blocks that have head in parking. Suppose somebody darts out in front of a car, the driver does not have time to stop. Are you saying,the driver is at fault?” He said, “That is exactly right.” Hoo boy. I left. Now I am not bashful about my being nearly 86 years old.But, I still remember how to tell the truth. And, every word of this happened just as you read it.

David Nance,