To the Editor,

So in response to another European city being hit with suicide bombs, we should expand the patrols of law enforcement to make sure that the Muslim neighborhoods here in America are monitored and secured better. Why? Because they’re Muslim. Just like the bombers. Then we bomb Syria until the sands glow. Where we bomb or who that bombing kills or even if that bombing does any good to keep us safe should never be mentioned. Why? Because they’re Muslim. Just like the bombers. So are the plans to defeat ISIS and protect us from radical Islam of one brave presidential candidate. Just who is worthy to be protected by those plans we must never question. We know who the chosen people are. And those not, we must assume they are all radicalized. Just like the bombers.

Another candidate says to just torture more and ban all people from entering or leaving the country. The borders are closed. Sorry, but that trip that you have been planning and paid for is kaput. Except if you’re going to one of his resorts. We cannot take the chance that a Muslim will sneak into your luggage or steal your identity ala Mission Impossible style and return to this country to cause mass destruction and death. Just like the bombers. How dare they? I mean, if we are going to have mass killings, let them be from this country. Some things we do better here. Think of the resulting sales of guns and ammo after every mass killing. Great for the economy. Buy them now before Obama takes them away. Obama hates America. He loves America. That second amendment, he loves that. The Constitution, loves the parts he understands. Great response to terrorists. Hey look at our guns then punch him in the face. Terrific security plans. Plans that will work. Made by terrific people that he will listen to. Love those people. Congress will love those plans. Love Congress. Those who don’t are just troublemakers. Get them outta here! We will use those plans to make America great again.

The above is satire based, sadly, on actual quotes. And I must apologize.

It is terrible when innocent people die anywhere, no matter the origin of the hand that kills them. The two candidates inferred have shown in their responses to the tragedy in Brussels that they have a very elementary understanding of foreign relations and, unfortunately, a lower understanding of basic human rights, in particular context to the rights of citizens of this country as determined by the Constitution. The knee jerk reactions spewing forth from both contains nothing but unrestrained bravado painted by strong words propping up a facade of tough resolve in the face of exaggerated and real threats. Nor do they show the ability to ascertain the difference between the two or the knowledge needed to an effective Commander in Chief.

We do have a continual threat of ISIS. Yet in kowtowing to the terror the candidates are sowing by spreading fear and calling to disrupt our daily lives particularly that of a minority of really good Americans, shows nothing, but does play into the terrorists plans to weaken our resolve in facing them on our terms of engagement, not theirs. Basically aiding the enemy and amplifying the terror far beyond Brussels while undermining our security. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have shown that neither has the qualifications to keep our country safe from terrorism. Both have demonstrated they will use terror to enact the loss of freedoms of Americans in order to falsely provide security. And to use our brave military once again in ill conceived wars. Sorry, but we saw this 13 years ago and are still paying for it with no real result. Now is the time for professional performance, not amateur karaoke.

That is my opinion.

Vote accordingly.

Alan Fox,