A few years ago I had a great idea for a book and a movie, but life got in the way and it never got written. I had it all copied out in my mind, which is a good place to lose things among all the other piles of clutter. It was going to be a fictional comedy spoof on American politics that would give folks a fun reprieve from the real thing. Even more bizarre than the real politics we see every day, but hopefully with a little more entertainment value.

In the book and movie that never got written, the endeared cartoon character Yosemite Sam comes to life in the flesh and blood and makes his bid for the Presidency of the United States. Sam is an animated American born millionaire entertainer with no political experience, a mouth hotter than his six shooters and owing nothing to anyone in the way of favors or special interest … except maybe for Warner Bros. It was going to be a rip snorting knee slapping comedy of errors with mud slinging, unbelievable twists and turns and buffoonery. Lots and lots of buffoonery.

My original concept for the movie version had Robin Williams in the lead roll as Sam until … well, you know. Robin would have been perfect for where I wanted to go with the character. I later chose Jim Carrey for the role since he also has had a successful career playing cartoon characters. I can just picture Jim playing Sam, as he stands at the podium during the Presidential candidate debates and has one of his guaranteed “oops” moments and then shots himself in the foot with one of his pistols. Cartoon characters can literally shoot themselves in the foot without suffering any permanent scarring or damage, so we all would have had a good laugh at that one.

Long story short … Sam eventually is pushed out of the running by the media and party establishment, but continues his run as an Independent. He picks Rowdy Yates as his running mate. (Naturally I would have put Clint Eastwood in this cameo role). In the end, Sam and Rowdy split the vote and Bill Clinton becomes the first President to get a third term since FDR.

Now I find just how short the shelf life for a good book and movie idea really is. My nonsensical swan dive into literary fantasy has turned into a belly flop of lip biting reality. Somebody is now going to make a fortune writing a non-fiction documentary of the 2016 Presidential election cycle using my original story line.

I admit I never wrote a single chapter of this classic, but I’m still feeling a little ripped off and plagiarized right now.

Dennis Williamson is a long-time resident of Ellis County now living in Fort Worth. He is a frequent contributor to the Daily Light and Midlothian Mirror.