To the Editor,

In Susan Browns column Tuesday, March 8, she said she could not back Trump for a number of reason, all of which I agree with and more.

I am an independent and see problems with both parties myself. Susan Brown then went on to say that she had heard Rush Limbaugh blame Mr. Trump’s bad behavior on the liberals, code for Democrat, I would ask Mr. Limbaugh what is the reason for your behavior. Susan Brown then went on to use a Bible passage, 1 Corinthians 15:33, to blame the crass class of corrupted liberals like the Clintons for Mr. Trump’s bad behavior, while making references to Trump’s unusually small hands, code for a small ---- fill in the blank, naughty, naughty Susan.

Most of the time I would just ignore this kind of bovine excrement but this time I find it impossible to let this pass. Susan, you and a large part of your conservative, or should I say selfservative, center to far right friends are the reason for Mr. Trump’s very bad behavior. You gave birth to this monster and feed it on the milk of lies, halve truths, disrespect and lack of civility. You taught it by example of not disavowing a person who yells liar at a sitting President while addressing the Congress, calls into question again and again that President’s birth as a citizen or says disrespectfully that they will do what ever is needed to make that President a one-term President.

This and many, many more examples over the last eight years has set the tone for your child, your play ground bully, to act the way it does. All of you were happy to let it say the things you wanted to say, but didn’t want others to see you saying. Susan, you and your conservative friends thought you could let your junk yard dog snap and bark at the liberals and those so called conservatives, you didn’t approve of, and then pull it back when it had served your purpose.

The trouble now is it has broke free and you have no control, if you had any in the first place, and the Trump monster is snapping at, barking at and biting everyone and it is a reflection on its owner. So in closing, Susan Brown, you and your friends built the Trump monster brick by brick, stone by stone and mortared it with your venom and now have to own it.

The only difference I can see between Trump and most of you is Donald doesn’t wear the sheets any more.

Jay L Paul,